James needs Stupid games.

This is what you do: type in Google your name followed by the word needs, then post what comes up.

These were mine:

1.- James Needs posters.

2.- James Needs Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. --- I knew it!

3.- James Needs A Hat Petition.

4.- James Needs to Be Protected from Development by Sam Sieber, BrandySieber, and Todd Fredricks.

5.- James needs to tell Dave that if he continues to discriminate unfairly, he will be obligated to contact Dave’s manager. --- yeah!

6.- James needs to get off his fat ass and fix it. --- no!

7.- James needs to marry nobility to gain a special license for his successful business.

8.- James needs more money. James will never wank to gay porn? --- I beg your pardon?

9.- James needs a home that is carpeted or has lots of rugs.

10.- James needs a special room for his mistress--the wardrobe mistress, that is. --- That's much much better, although I'm not sure what a wardrobe mistress is...


P.S.: off course this wasn't my idea. Stole it from someone who stole it from someone, ad infinitum.


Daedalus said...

I only got one: Cathleen needs this Money to pay living expenses. So true, so true!