At last Panda's are shagging!

Finally! They are meeting us half way!

One of the main probems for the future of the Panda Bear was that they were not getting jiggy with it. Well, now they have finally wised up and have begun shagging like crazy thuis ensuring the survi...

What's that?


We are forcing them!?

What da...? How clueless are these beasts?

Oh well, at least there is loads more little fluffy Panda bears around like this one... awwwww

Maybe the new generation will discover the pleasures of sex?
China's endangered pandas are having a baby boom with the country's breeding centres reporting a record number of births this year.

According to state news reports, breeding centres reported 25 births this year through artificial insemination, with 21 of the cubs surviving.

There are believed to be 1590 giant pandas living in the wild, with another 161 in zoos worldwide, the government says. Read more...

Picture by Jenstr.