Camera Tossing...

Yes, you guessed it! (I hope). Camera tossing is all about taking your camera and, er... throwing it up into the air.

Fans of this technique describe it like this:

This is a "technique" regarded by some as insanity. For we enjoy the abstract, chance, generative, physical photography that results from throwing our cameras into the air (most often at night in front of varied light sources).It is about trading risk for reward in the pursuit of art. It is not about being a photographer, it is about enabling the photography that happens naturally when you let go of the process, give up control, and add a hell of alot more variables. It is about physics, gravity, angular momentum, acceleration, direction, chaos, and timing... most of which you have tenuous control of at best!

Which is a very poncy way of saying that it's just a cool way to generate random, trippy pictures really...

There are various techniques. Some involve chucking the whole damn thing into the air on a long exposure to see what happens. It usually involves taking pictures in the dark and using some source of light as the focus.

So from this:

and a lot opf expensive equipment that you are prepared to jeopardise by tossing it around, you could get something like this:

Or even, this:

Others will use a TV screen as their subject:

Whilst others will just 'swing' the camera about while it's hanging from their neck walking around, say, Paris:

What these photographers used is your guess:

There is a pool where people post their pictures daily and a blog with the best entries to the pool here.