Celebrating death

I've posted before about 'planting' your deceased ones and watching them grow... If that is not your cup of tea, maybe you'd like to purchase a designer coffin for their enjoyment in the afterlife. From the website:

LifeArt Australia believes in celebrating and honouring people.

We encourage people to explore the creative and special ways they can arrange a funeral service, share stories and be comfortable in planning their needs.

Remember there is no right or wrong, only ways to make this memorable for you and your loved ones.

We hope LifeArt coffins enable you to focus on the life being remembered and cherish.


This reminded me of the Dia de los muertos in Mexico which is, basically, a festival celebrating the dead.

The spirits of the dead are expected to pay a holiday visit home and should be provided with an enticing banquet and adequate sustenance for the journey. Frequently a wash basin and clean hand towel are provided so that visiting souls can freshen up before the feast. The offering may also include a pack of cigarettes for the after-dinner enjoyment of former smokers, or a selection of toys and extra sweets for deceased children.

They lovingly build altars in their homes putting all the things the deceased loved in this life. An altar for an older person looks like this:

While an altar for a younger person might look a bit more like this:

This last one is an actual altar for a real person, according to rakka, who took the picture. I love the fact that they celebrate death as just another step of the way.

Pictures by mayavilla and rakka.