Democratic pixelated art


The idea behind is is good. The result... well... a bit messy.

A year ago a wrote a piece for Slate called "Art Mobs", in which I wondered whether it would be possible for a smart mob to create a work of visual art. I noted the example at Typophile, where a web designer allowed people to vote on individual pixels as they attempted to design a font or draw a picture of a goat. (The Typophile project appears to be dead now, unfortunately.)
Typophile offered only a relatively small grid, and the only possible pixel colors were black and white. So I was intrigued to see a new project called Pixelfest -- which offers the same collaborative concept, except with a way bigger grid and pixels in a dizzying array of colors.
The emerging picture appears to be a sunny landscape with a tree! That's the sun excerpted above; click here to see the whole thing. It's quite mesmerizing: A democratized version of pointillist style.

Via collision detection.