Origami CD case


Matthew Toledo has found a nice solution to caseless cd's.

From the site:

Have you ever burned a mix CD only to have it scratched after a single trip in the car? You could buy a plastic CD holder, but they eventually crack and shatter. A lot of people take all the artwork out of the case and throw away the plastic case altogether. Either way, you end up with a hunk of plastic that ends up sitting in a land fill for 600 years or more.

What if you could make your own CD case using plain old paper? For a penny or two, you can make a cd case that will do the job. When the case gets old, just recycle it.

All you will need to get started is a piece of standard (A4) paper and a CD.

Origami cd case.

There are more ideas on how to make good use of stuff you'd normally throw away here.