Overheard in New York


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Results: judge for yourself.

Then You Should Say "Caboose"

Thugette #1: You can take that shit and shove it up your fucking rear end.
Thugette #2: "Rear end"? Why don't you say "ass", motherfucker? "Ass"!
Thugette #1: We're on a fucking train!

--A train

His Fangs Go in a Cup of Water by the Bed

Girl #1: What does the Pope wear when he like sleeps? Does he always wear the huge robe and tiny little hat?
Girl #2: Ha, ha! Wow, You just totally blew my mind.

--Times Square

More Like Upside Down

Med student guy #1: Wait up, you're saying that nearsighted means you can't see far? But it should, like, mean that you can't see near.
Med student guy #2: Yeah, I know, it's like backwards or something.

--Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, West 168th Street

Dude So Just Blew It

Girl: Ew, look at that bug by the curb. That's no regular roach.
Guy: Yeah, that's not a New York roach, it's like a Middle Earth roach.

--28th & 7th

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Picture by markmyshots.