Atheist manifesto

So, which one is it?

Very interesting discussion on atheism:

Somewhere in the world a man has abducted a little girl. Soon he will rape, torture and kill her. If an atrocity of this kind is not occurring at precisely this moment, it will happen in a few hours, or days at most. Such is the confidence we can draw from the statistical laws that govern the lives of 6 billion human beings. The same statistics also suggest that this girl s parents believe at this very moment that an all-powerful and all-loving God is watching over them and their family. Are they right to believe this? Is it good that they believe this? No. The entirety of atheism is contained in this response.Full Article
Gallery of atheists here.


Anonymous said...

And why do you think this man has abducted this little girl? Because he's atheist, and doesn't believe that anything will happen to him, since he does not believe in God.

xenmate said...

Wait a minute.

He must know that the police will probably catch him and he will have to go to prison, right? So how can he not "believe that something will happen to him?" Are atheists not afraid of prison?

In any case, you argument presupposes that Christians don't commit crimes, yet the Bible clearly states that we are all born sinners, and as such are prone to 'mistakes'. Right?