Pocket Altar

Pocket Altar has got to be the kitschest service I have seen around the internet. It allows you to:

Create your own special christian altar on your Computer.

Choose the looking and the furniture of your altar.

Place flowers, holy objects and candles on your altar.

Add your wishes to the altar candles.

100% Freeware. Costs nothing. Yes, it's free :-)

See it as a sign of god (sic.) on your Computer, which remembers you, that we all are a part of a bigger thing.

A lot of people work more than 8 hours a day on their computers. Know that computertime is lifetime. Give PocketChapel a chance to balance your life or helping you to stand your dark hours.

It's an software altar for almost all christian denominations.

Put your altar on an USB stick. So, you have access to your own altar everywhere you are. Become an USB Cross Carrier (!!).

Normally I'd post one or two pictures of the altars to ilustrate the post, but these things really freak me out. If you have the nerve to go and have a look, click here but know that I do not take responsibility for any possible loss of mental sanity.