London Radical Islamists Demonstrate Outside Danish Embassy

Will Rise has posted some great pictures of the demonstration organized by the tiny muslim sect "Al-Ghurabaa" - formerly "Al-Muhajiroun" -in protest for the publication of a cartoon depicting Mohammed as a terrorist.

The pictures are fantastic, especially this one.



Muslim said...

As Muslims we are required to respect all religions, be it people who are Christians, Jewish, Hindu

So i’m really surprised at the pictures published in the newspaper, and also of their false nature. Maybe people should read about Prophet Muhummmad peace be upon him, and realise that he was a mercy to all mankind.

Attacking the prophet peace be upon him by drawing such pictures is attacking Muslims directly.

We dont draw pictures of other prophets like Abraham, Moses, Jesus, infact we respect them, and would never think to do such drawings.

xenmate said...

hi muslim. Thank you for your comment.

This is a tough one. I for one feel the cartoons were unfortunate. They were, as you say, false in nature. To equate muhammad with terrorism is stupid. but you also see other faiths being ridiculed in the press in Europe, including Christianity. In fact I'd say, mostly Christianity.

It's ok to disagree with the cartoons. What is not ok is to call for the murdering of people because of a bunch of drawings. That is going a step too far.

It is not ok either to blame a whole country for what one particular newspaper has done. When this criticism comes from Arab countries it is more understandable, as in most Arab nations there is strong censorship over media output. But muslims who live in Europe should know better.

Fortunately, those who demonstratd in London are a tiny minority of the muslim population in the West. Most muslims have much more sense than that.