Advertising for world peace

I blame a lot of things on the corporatisation of life and PR and advertising. I especially despise advertising. I could go on and on about my reasons, but I doubt anyone would be too interested; plus there has been enough written about it by much more knowledgeable people than me. But then, I see things like these campaigns, and my mind gets all confused.

Is advertising the right medium to carry these messages? Doesn't it legitimise was is in effect - paraphrasing Bill Hicks - Satan's spawn come down to earth to detroy everything that is good and beautiful about it?

Je ne sais pas.



Houtlust said...

Good point Xenmate
My idea behind houtlust is that I think nonprofits have to use better and more professional communication.
Nonprofits have two goals:
communicatie with their believers and communicatie with the non believers.