At Least It's not the End of the World

Apologies for just copy&pasting stuff from other sites, but sometimes there is nothing for me to add.

This from Ektopia:

This is one of the most astounding videos that I’ve ever seen. At Least It’s Not the End of the World is Partazan’s video for the Super Furry Animals fantastic tune. It really does the tune justice too; the finale is just sublime. Mechanical toy colour saturated animated goodness! (…and you can quote me on it!)

Agreed. Well, I don't think the tune is fantastic, but that would be an ecumenical matter :)



Reevo/Ektopia said...

I hate to get argumentative but it IS a great tune ;-)

xenmate said...

As I said, that would be an ecumenical matter.

Different strokes for different foks and all that... :)

Carlos el Rojo said...

Great video. Amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

(Tendré que escribir en inglés, ¿no?)

xenmate said...

Nada, nada, como quieras.

It doesn't really matter... ;)

Reevo said...
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