Black Maps


As you know I'm all for natural degradation. Nature is grossly overrated. I can't wait for the day when we get rid of it... then we'll be able to leave in peace and harmony with... er, stuff.
So you can understand why I was very impressed with David Maisel's photography. Good lighthearted fun at its best.
From the website:
"The Black Maps project is comprised of aerial photographs of environmentally impacted landscapes. [...] Looking down on these damaged wastelands, where man's efforts have eradicated the natural order, the views through my camera are both spectacular and horrifying. [...] As otherworldly as the images seem, they depict a shattered reality of our own making."

Check out all of his amazing photography here.



pezhammer said...

This photographer is amazing! I posted his work some time ago and the images remain some of mi favorite ones. The man is able to kill everything he touches.

Carlos el Rojo said...

Somos una plaga. Ya lo digo siempre.

Por cierto, te mando un enlace a ver si te interesa. 555 design

Otra cosa, como sigas posteando tan a menudo no me va a dar tiempo a ver todo… Jejeje

xenmate said...

@ Carlos & Pezzhammer: teneis toda la razon...

La unica esperanza que tengo yo, es que por mucho que lo intentemos, la naturaleza acabara ganadonos a nosotros.

De hecho estoy buscando imagenes de edificos y estructuras abandonadas que han sido reconquistadas por la naturaleza para ilustrar lo que acabo de comentar... Si veis algo por ahi hazedmelo saber!

@Carlos: El 555 design este no me gusta mucho. Esta bien, pero no se, le falta algo... Aun asi, gracias por decirmelo!

pezhammer said...

Esto es de sainete. Yo escribiendo en inglés y resulta que aquí todo Dios habla castellano :) .

Sigue con el buen trabajo que realizas en el blog, compañero xenamate

xenmate said...

asias compadre!