How to make a paint bomb

You need a used light bulb (usually screw fittings are the best), small hammer, screwdriver, stanley knife, pvc tape, clay or similar and of course some paint.

Remove metal top, by cutting to vertical linesfrom the edge of thefitting, then remove.

Snap the little glass cylinder on the inside of the bulb.

Place bulb on a soft underlay, and make a hole in the inside glass divet by gently hitting the screwdriver with the hammer.

Fill with paint.

Seal the hole on top of the bulb. Clay works quite well for this. Then replace the meta; fitting, and seal with pvc tape.

Finally, go find yourself a nice white wall to paint. Or, a nice big corporate advertising board... but I never said that... :)




Carlos el rojo said...

Ya te iré a visitar al penal chacho. Jojojojojojo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

May be juvenile, but that doesnt mean being a delinquent isnt fun!