I've seen some photos of this book tower but had not heard much about the artist, Matej Kren, and his reasons for building it. Was it simply an attempt to break a Guinness World Record or was the tower, as I suspected, a shrine to his Martian overlords, whom he was at last beckoning down to fulfill their long-delayed master plan of destroying all of planet earth (but they were thwarted just in time, when the tower was disassembled a day early)?

In fact Matej Kren contructs the towers from books published in the country in which one is to be built. And so the works absorb a local context, integrating the content, history and vernacular of that country's local culture. Ergo and so forth and... that's why he's titled his multiple work concept Idiom.

Though Idiom was Kren's first (and most recent) book sculpture, he's created a number of variations on the theme.

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