Sarah Silverman: the 'meta-bigot'

'Positive spin! Take something tragic and make it something good! If American Airlines were smart their slogan would be: American Airlines. First through the towers.' Sarah Silverman.

The Guardian has an excellent portrait of Sarah Silverman; a hard hitting Jewish American comedian...

Sam Anderson, writing for online magazine Slate, announced a label for her (along with Ali G and the kids from South Park): meta-bigot. 'Meta-bigots work at social problems indirectly; instead of discussing race, rape, abortion, incest, or mass starvation, they parody our discussions of them. They manipulate stereotypes about stereotypes. It's a dangerous game: if you're humourless, distracted, or even just inordinately history-conscious, meta-bigotry can look suspiciously like actual bigotry.'

It makes for great reading.