Just Curious

Those of you who visit Spy's Spice regularly have probably guessed that I like to look around the internet for strange and wonderful (if rarely practical, as one reader rightly pointed out) images and information. I then post them here with the hope that it will make somebody else's day a bit more interesting too. If that is the case... hell, even if it isn't, I'd like to ask you for a small favour. Do you have any recommendations on any websites or blogs that you think are worth visiting?
This will give me the chance to both discover some new haunts and to find out a little bit more about the people who honour this humble site with their presence. Other readers will benefit from the information given aswell I'm sure.

I thank you in advance.



Anonymous said...

Here's one (and I think it's appropriate given the title of this entry):

I read your blog almost everyday and it really does put a smile on my face. Thanks!

-Maira (Los Angeles, CA)

Anonymous said...

whoops! Here's the link:


Suzanne said...

Uhm... sorry for the blatant self-promotion, but as a passionate reader of Spy's Spice I thought that maybe you want to check out my blog too: http://www.wurzeltod.ch

Carlos el Rojo said...

Bueno payo. Ya sabes que si encuentro algo interesante te lo digo. Aunque luego tú no lo pongas, cabrón.

xenmate said...

Maira, thanks! justcurious is cool.

Suzanne, you have one twisted site! Looks very intriguing, I'll be checking in regularly... by the way, yuo are wrong: MY mum makes the best Lasagne in the world.

Carlos, (entran los violines) cuanto te quiero!

Suzanne said...

All lies! I demand a Mother vs Mother lasagna competition to prove this outrageous allegation of yours. ;)

xenmate said...

Suzanne, as long as you are gracious in defeat I'll be willing to take the challenge.