Holophonic Sound

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Welcome to the world of Holophonic sounds. For this experiment you will need a pair of stereo headphones. Ideally you want to switch the lights off completely, but this is optional. When you are ready listen to this. Where is the sound coming from?

More samples in Music for Maniacs.
If you want to know how this is done, check out the comments.


xenmate said...

They create a mold of a head, with detailed ears. They implant 2 small stereo microphones into these fake ears. Since much of your ability to locate a sound depends on your brain's ability to differentiate it depending on how it bounces around in your ears, the brain is tricked into thinking the recorded sound differences are actually occuring within your ear.

It is almost the same as binaural recordings.

Cuidado said...

Very cool.

Cuidado said...

The Music for Maniac's link just takes me to a white screen.

Carlos el Rojo said...

Try go to the home page. Is in the post of HOLOPHONIC SOUND.

On space said...


Carlos el Rojo said...

Qué pasada. Parece que hubiera alguien agitando una caja de cerillas a tu alrededor. Qué sensación más rara.