Blogger is being a pain in the arse today with pictures and such, so here you have some hyperlinking madness...

The sinking of the Oriskany. via. Update Found a Video.

In 1911, an Austrian tailor named Franz Reichelt stepped off the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower wearing a combination overcoat-parachute garment of his own design. He expected onlookers would measure the duration of his flight. Instead they measured the depth of his crater.The Eiffel Birdman. via.

Update: The Eiffel Birdman might want to take lessons from this guy.

Pantagruel and Pantagruel II by François Desprez. 1565.

Yacin The Faun.

A Collage a Day.

Photo Via.

California Jazz Dance Mashup. via.

Picture at the top shared by bill wang.


Carlos el Rojo said...

Blogger es una puta mierda tío. A mí me pasó ayer y hoy, el mango anda caído.

Por cierto, qué puntazo el paracaidista autista ese. Se mató, ¿no?

Luego te quejas de que no tienes cosas que poner pero si las pones todas juntas… pasa lo que pasa.

Hala, con dió.

xenmate said...

si, se mato. jeje. ke fiera el pavo. saltar sin red tiene huevos la verdad.

Cuidado said...

Love this one, Xenmate.