New Design

Spy's Spice has a new design.

It feels like my daughter has just grown boobs... it's going to take some getting used to. But I like it a lot.

I owe it to Carlos El Rojo from A Desgana, who has patiently worked on it for the last few days putting up with my nit picking. Many thanks!

P.S.: if you see any glitches let me know and I'll pass the reports to Carlos. A bit more work won't hurt him I'm sure.


placeboKatz said...

très élégant

compliments to Carlos

Carlos el Rojo said...

placeboKatz: Thanks.

xenmate: De nada.

nico said...

now that you've got a new design.
I'd like to use that design you were using on my blog.
where did you download it?
or is it one of the blogger default templates, though i couldn't find it there.

You're new design looks great BTW.

xenmate said...

hey nico. Yeah, it was one of the default templates. If you keep on looking you are sure to find it there.

Glad you like the new look.