Slime Moulds


Looking through some pictures in Flickr I find the first of this series with the following caption:

Slime molds are interesting creatrures. They are in fact unicellular, but have many nuclei in that cell. And they do move. Just a gigantic amoeba.

Intrigued, I turn to Wikipedia. Turns out there are three types of Slime Moulds. Some move, and some don't.

Crazy buggers, huh?

Slime Mould set by myriorama


Well, here is a coincidence. The day I post about Slime Mold is the day the Museum of Dust posts about Slime Molds. Obviously their post is much better researched than mine and links to more interesting places. So check it out.


Cog said...

Thanks for the plug! And what fantastic pics! Where did they come from?

xenmate said...

They are from taka itaha's flickr photoset.

xenmate said...

Sorry, I meant myriorama.