One of the most promising Flickr groups is the Wunderkammer, set up by the Dust lover Incognita Nom de Plume. I've been keeping an eye for some time and it has not failed to deliver.

If you are the sort of peson who loves dusty museum displays, exhibits of strange objects, anatomical galleries and the dust of history... you're in the right place! Welcome. Make yourself at home. Add your pictures to the Wunderkammer and marvel at other's finds. Here at the Museum of Dust we look forward to a long and enjoyable association with you!
If you like your animals - or indeed, your humans, even two-headed ones - alive, you might want to pass on this one. But you'd be missing out.

By the way, the flowers above are made of glass, in case you are wondering...


Carlos el Rojo said...

¿Y la traducción?

leno said...

Pero mira que eres vago...Haz un esfuerzo y leetelo, que se entiende perfectamente.

Yo todavía no lo he visto. No sé por qué, pero me parece que no me va a gustar. :S

xenmate said...

lo hice a media noche y estaba molido. pasando de traducir.

de hecho, creo que pasando de traducir en general... a ver quien, aparte de Carlos, se queja. apuesto a que nadie.

Carlos el Rojo said...

Bleh, vaya par. No te preocupes Xenmate, que ya me quejaré yo por todos.