Après le Deluge


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Anonymous said...

You do know that by copying the picture into blogger you are being naughty in two diffent ways.

a. violating the flickr TOS by not linking the picture itself back to flickr

b. denying the original photographer the link juice that would accrue from their photo being referenced from outside flickr.

I guess the little 'shared by' link is supposed to make it all ok, but this still smells, and flickr makes it so easy to do the right thing.

xenmate said...

Anonymous, all pictures on Spy's Spice are under CC license. They are not used for commercial purposes, and the author is properly referenced. Not only that, but I do go through the trouble of informing the author of the picture thyat I have posted their photograph. Just read the comments for the pictures.

I hope this information helps in your crusade. Your interest in protecting the rights of photographers is commendable.

xenmate said...

Actually you've made me doubt. I've sent a query to the people from Flickr about this.

xenmate said...

Anonymous, looks like your were completely wrong:

"Ah, well. You've been downloading the images and then uploading them to blogger. That means Flickr's TOU has nothing to do with you, and you do not need to provide a link back as far as flickr is concerned. However, the photographer might want you to, so it's a nice thing to do anyway. The 'link back to flickr' requirement is only for images that are hosted by flickr that you link to. A webpage with an image that references flickr would need the image to link back. Your images reference blogger, so no need for a link."

Hope this helps.

leno said...

Cómo mola cerrarle el pico a los listillos ¿verdad? :)

P.D: Déluge.

xenmate said...


joder, necesito practicar el francés.

no, ese no.

el otro.