Cane Hill


London is a ruthless city - buildings that have served their purpose are quickly torn down and replaced - and yet Cane Hill still stands almost fifteen years after it served its last patients. Built in 1882, it was once the largest building of its type, but it now lies derelict - a magnet for explorers, vandals, …even filmmakers and artists. …In the years since its closure it has acquired the reputation of being the ultimate abandoned asylum, the supreme embodiment of dereliction and decay. This is due mainly to the amount of equipment still on site - the extraordinary wealth of mementoes and personal information that still litter the corridors and wards.

Cane Hill Photo Gallery.

Via Growabrain.


leno said...

¡Qué pasada! Me encantan esos sitios, me atraen como un imán. Y este es increíble...Buah. ¡Qué bueno!