He did what?


Two insane videos via The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society:

... Prince Randian [was] an armless and legless sideshow performer known alternately as “The Living Torso,” “The Snake Man,” “The Human Worm,” “The Human Cigarette Factory,” and “The Amazing Caterpillar Man.” Randian spoke Hindi, German, English, and French, and was able to write, paint, shave, and roll a cigarette using only his mouth. The Human Caterpillar

Each spring, just after the first yams begin to emerge from the soil, the men of Vanuatu’s Pentecost Island erect huge wooden towers in each of the island’s villages. Some are as tall as 75 feet. The men climb to the top of these towers, attach two long elastic vines to their ankles, announce to the world their most intimate (and occasionally last) thoughts, and then leap. The vines are supposed catch the faller just at the point where his hair is able to brush the ground, ritually fertilizing it for a bountiful yam harvest. The Vanuatu Bungee Jumpers .

Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society.

Wholly unrelated picture (I couldn't find a photograph of Prince Randian bungee jumping, unfortunately) shared by tampen.


Carlos el Rojo said...

Qué shock lo del hombre gusano. Típico especímen de circo. Vaya tela.

Lo de los saltadores de Vanuatu ya lo había visto. Pero pensaba que era cuando los jóvenes llegaban a edad adulta. Como prueba de madurez.