Mini Landscapes - VII (From Space)

shared by eglantine

This great photo reminded me of Chema Madoz's Atlas.



Fleur-Ange Lamothe said...

Xenmate, I am pleased that you have posted my photo and that you have let me know!

Looks like you have an interesting blog from what I can see on this page...

Eglantine from flickr

Eglantine said...

Xenmate, after looking at this again, could you please add my name... as you have done for others' photos. And a comment from you would be appreciated to accompany the photo.

xenmate said...

Sure thing!

And thanks for the compliments.

If you are ever bored you are welcome to browse the Intelligence FIles at Spy's Spice or the different missions on the sidebar.

Ontario Wanderer said...

It occures to me that it might be even better, for you and for the "sharing" photographer, if you would ask before putting up the photos instead of telling them after the fact. I know it's easier and faster to "ask forgiveness after than to get permission before" but still the ethics are a bit cleaner if permission is asked before. I suspect that most people would give permission.

xenmate said...

you may be right eglantine. Thing is, of the 500 or so pictures I've posted most are under CC license, so I'm not even required to ask.

Of the rest, I have always informed the photographer, and I've never had anyone tell me that they weren't ok with it.

So I'm assuming that although I may not be keeping with the letter of the law, I'm keeping with the ethical spirit of it, and that satisfies me.

If I do get negative responses in the future, then, of course, I will ask before I post from then on.