Documentaries A Go Go

shared by ed bilodeau

Ooohhh... I'm so angry I don't have the time to just sit down and watch all of these in a row. this is an incredible list of documentaries that you can watch in their entirety online. I've seen a bunch of them already, and can vouch that they are top notch. The Fog of War, particularly, is a must. Link.
Also, The Corporation, an eye opening 2 and a half hour documentary about, er, corporations, is well worth the time, and not on the list.
If documentaries are a bit too serious for you, you can also watch "The Jitterbug", a fascinating behind-the-scenes video of a deleted number from The Wizard of Oz movie. Link.


Carlos el Rojo said...

Buen hallazgo. Pena que sean en inglés sin subtítulos. De todas formas, habrá que echarles un ojo.