It's been 5 years now that I do not have a TV. The radio has taken over as my trusty companion, and more specifically BBC's Radio 4. The Now Show (British satire at its best), Word of Mouth (dedicated to language) and Pick of the Week (the best tidbits broadcast the previous 7 days) are a must.
You can listen to the latest shows in the links provided (except, apparently, Pick of the Week, which is a real shame). This week's were all particularly strong.


Carlos el Rojo said...

Pues como no piloto demasiado del inglispitinglis, tendré que joderme. Es una pena. A ver si yendo por ahí logro perfeccionar el idioma de Sekspiiiir. Por cierto, mira que es feo el Michael Rosen. Maremía qué cosa.