Tessa Farmer's "Swarm"


I really liked the idea behind the dead fairy I posted just a few days ago. Tessa Farmer took that same idea, and ran with it in Swarm:

Tessa Farmer's sculptures of 'hells' angels' and 'fairies' can only be viewed using a magnifying glass. These hyper-real skeletons, seen riding insects, are terrifying visions of a part of the natural world inaccessible to ordinary human perception. Farmer's 'fairies' are presented as a species we never knew existed.
One can only imagine what the world would look like to one of these faeries if they became trapped inside, say, a water bottle.
Images taken from Google Image Search.


On space said...

Comentario tonto de la semana: me recuerda a la lucha de la peli de King Kong con los insectos gigantes atacando a humanos, (eran tan grandes como cabras)... impresionante, vaya cabeza tiene aqui la amiga para hacer estas cosas... Mola, mola...