the big smoke

thank you!

My celebration did not last for too long (but yes, the headache was brutal...). I'm out of Cardiff and headed for the big smoke now... homeless and jobless. Internet connection will take a while to obtain, so I won't be able to do much updating here unfortunately. I'll keep you posted. Take care,



Señor Blanco said...

Pues ale chaval, a buscar
y cuando encuentres una casa nos avisas para ir y quemártela, ole.

p.d. quise decir "quemártela", vale?.

Carlos el Rojo said...

Me adscribo a lo dicho por el sr. Blanco. Y no te estreses ya chavalín, que eso lleva tiempo. Además ya está tu hermano al cargo…

slö said...

take it easy,
good luck!
i'll keep watching (you're in my feedreader)

Natalia F. said...

Bienvenido al club! It was getting a bit lonely here in the Big Smoke...

Espero encuentres direccion rapidamente, esto de estar homeless is a bit "interesting" to say the least.