Blue Ringed Octopus


It's about the size of a golf ball. It is shockingly deadly. It has enough poison to kill 26 humans in minutes. If you see it's blue rings, it may already be too late. You will stop breathing. You will go blind. And the only way you will survive it is hours of artificial respiration and heart massage until the poison has worked its way out of your system. It is the blue-ringed octopus. If you happen to see one, beware, it might try to... mate with you!? (Or just gently rest on your fingers...)

Most text and links from this MeFi post.
Aditional video from Ocean Footage
picture shared by msdt jovic
more pictures here and here.


Carlos el Rojo said...

Ondiá, pues no hace mucho que estuve investigando sobre el joío pulpo este. De hecho lo tenía apuntado para mandarte un correíllo… Pero veo que te bastas tú sólo.

PD: Que vaya bien la mudanza mañana ;)