Micro Worlds


Following my recent obsession with microscopic worldscapes... check this beauty out in full swing.

Oh, and these fellas... and this teeny tiny crocodile-like critter!

Hell, just knock yourself out and have a browse at the whole microscopy set... this is seriously wondrous stuff.

Actually, go ahead and have a browse at all of nerbanix's pictures. Here is someone for a passion for science and photography going absolutely nuts trying new things out. He/she has even been so lucky to record the breath of a dragon and live to tell the tale... so it must be worth it.

P.D.: regarding the croc-like creature, nerbanix comments:

A water bear is the common name for the tardigrade. These are AMAZING animals that are so unique they have their own phyla (tardigrada). There are about 750 species total so this is quite a diverse group, though they all look about the same.

The most amazing fact is that you can dry these guys out and hydrate them 200 years later and they will come right back to life. You can freeze them, boil them, expose them to space and intense radiation and with a little water they'll come right back to life unharmed.