The Golden Ratio


"Honestly, people spout a lot of crap about the Golden Ratio .

I mean that, to paraphrase the Willard character out of Apocalypse Now , there's just so much bullshit piling up on this subject that you practically need wings to stay above it. The Golden Ratio, once a pristine jewel of geometrical truth and simplicity, has become a deity for a cult of hyperlinking headnodders whose chief devotional practice seems to be to handwave their way from one disconnected and unexamined falsehood to another.

Like many cults, the founding myth of this one is the belief that its truths are very old - that this is the occult wisdom of the ancients. In fact, it is actually quite modern and has its roots not with, say, Pythagoras or ancient Egypt but rather with the restless young men of German Romanticism."

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GammaGoblin said...

My observations on the golden ratio are more interesting :)