Say the name Ichiro and ask a Japanese person over a certain age to guess the name of his male siblings they'll sequentially come up with the names Jiro, Saburo and Shirou. Why? Because at a particular time this naming sequence was popular amongst Japanese parents. (Admittedly there can't be that many Japanese families with 4 sequential male siblings but by naming the first Ichiro, and the second Jiro you are perhaps showing intent to have a large family).

Pictured here, a rice cooker named Jiro. Visit Jan Chipchase's Future Perfect to meet Jiro's siblings.


robyn said...

great photo... your blog is one of my favorites

xenmate said...

hah! now that's a coincidence. I'm a Tinselfan and ting.

jenny said...

Hi. I like your blog.I am Japanese woman. Ichro somtimes has variation of taro.

1Ichiro(Taro)2 Jiro 3Saburo 4Shiro 5Goro 6Rokuro 7shitiro 8hachiro 9kuro10 joro