Spy's Spice: The Year That Was... In Pictures



Here are some images which, at this point in time, I have considered to be the best of 2006. If you're a regular, hopefully they'll stir up some memories. If you're new, they'll give you an idea of what Spy's Spice is all about.
Bloody hell that was a long year...
Soon: best posts of 2006 (according to my bad self anyways...).
Thanks for your support to all of you who contribute and all of you who don't. I hope 2007 is full of goodness for your good selves and those around you!


On space said...


drgmdp said...

happy new year!
i've never commented before, but i follow your blog from my feed reader
keep with the good work ;-)

Cuidado said...

I remember most of them. Spicy!
Happy New Year.

Carlos el Rojo said...

Pues creo que he visto todo… aunque no se puede fiar uno demasiado de mi memoria.

Por cierto, el otro día pusieron a los gitanos balcánicos en el bar donde estaba. Te mandé un mensaje pero como no contestas, te lo repito aquí. Delante de todos. Para que sepan que clase de persona eres. Juas.

Feliz 2007 amiguetes.