Robert & Shana Parkeharrison's "The Architect's Brother".


"Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison work together on an innovative approach to picture making that draws upon the use of the paper negative and collage to construct stories of healing and restoration amid landscapes scarred by technology and overuse. At the center of each of the pictorial tales is a lone individual—Robert as “Everyman”—the “Architect’s” brother". This suit-clad figure patches holes in the sky, creates rain machines, chases storms to create electricity, and communicates with the land to learn of its needs. "

More info here; and a bit more of their work .

via SteamPunk central: Brass Goggles


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I love their work.

You have a typo, btw - "Goggles", not "Googles".

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thanks bluewyvern. corrected.