Taming Light


The next stage in the quest to control the refraction patterns of light. Small 'scenes' (24mmX36mm) are constructed out of shaped plastic and other transparent or coloured materials and the refraction patterns they make are captured directly on to 35mm colour film.

New from reciprocity.


Bonus link: fatman's slideshow. Sit back and enjoy. (thanks incognita)

Bonus unrelated music link: (funkfoward, check this out) Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators - Feelin' Free (mp3) available for one week only. If you like it, support the artists and buy the album. I did, and I don't regret it.


funkforward said...

qué fuerte el post de la animación de nina simone...

directo a mi blog mañana (con explicación)

funkforward said...

prueba esto (cortesía de mi compañero de pisou)


Carlos el rojo said...

Qué bueno es el Feric (es un fiera). Si no os importa a ninguno, me lo apropio para mi blosssss. Salud, compadres.