It's official... Spy's Spice has received it's 100,000th visitor. The lucky winner* of a Tatra 600 - Tatraplan hails from Hlavni Mesto Praha, Prague, Czech Republic.

As a clebratory link... here is a picture of Satan's HQ on earth. (well, ok, they're just some amusement park ruins, but I prefer the other explanation)

I know this hasn't been quite what it used to be since I moved to the Big Smoke, but still, it makes me happy to see you still coming back. Thank you all for your support.

*yeah, right.


izabella said...

NOOOOoooooo...... I know U get hundreds of such comments, but please please please don't do it!!!!! spy's spice is the first site I open when I sit to my computer, and I absolutely ADORE it. I'll loose all interest in Internet if U finish posting:))) think about all 100,000 devoted readers and HAVE MERCY ON US...