Time Lapse Videos: A Collection



35 years of Shinjuku construction: 1969 to 2004 in 10 seconds.

via pink tentacle's ten Tokyo time-lapse trips

Travel through the Panama Canal in under two minutes.

1 week art works

Antarctica: a year on ice

Northern Lights

Magic Mushrooms

Reno Balloon Race

24 hours in the death of Lansdowne Road Stadium

Gulf Fritillary butterfly's life cycle

Old Faithful Eruption

Pig Decomposition

Thunderstorm development (there is a sublime phase starting at 17 seconds)

More painting

Gravity wave... never heard of this. must investigate.

Port Activity

Moving Houses


iamnairn said...

Love the 'shroom stopframe animation, Xen - we tried that once, but the camera kept misting up!

We did have a 3-odd year stab at growing them, though - plenty of time to have tried again. Oh well. :\