The Wave - (Part Three)


"The Morning Glory cloud - considered one of the world's most exotic meteorological phenomena - is best known from the Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia, where it is observed most often during spring, usually near dawn. The name "Morning Glory" reflects the often spectacular appearance of the long horizontal clouds at sunrise. . A Morning Glory cloud is a roll cloud that can be up to 1000 kilometers long, 1 to 2 kilometers high, and can move at speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour. "

Morning glory clouds have also been documented elsewhere, like the following in Sable Island, Canada, which, funnily enough, is itself shaped like a wave:

"Morning Glory, Sable Island, June 13, 2003. As the cloud approached, its position relative to the island was indicated by the long narrow shadow cast across the landscape, between the north and south beaches."

"View of the Morning Glory, looking towards the north, before and after it passed overhead. The front of the cloud was very smooth..."

"... the back was somewhat turbulent. The cloud was followed by a single line of scattered irregular cumulus."

"As the Morning Glory passed overhead, there was a drop in temperature, and a dramatic wind shift. This is a view to the north. looking along the underside of the cloud."

"The back of the cloud as it traveled westward. The laser ceilometer at the station measured the base of the cloud at 150 meters. The distance between the base of the cloud and its shadow on the ground indicated that the cloud itself must have had a depth of roughly 300 to 400 meters."

Gliding over one of these rare atmospheric phenomena must be incredible.

Thanks to Leno for introducing me to this.


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Cuidado said...

I have seen these types of clouds twice - both above a valley .

reverend dick said...

Amazing phenomenon. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures but it's called a roll cloud. A morning glory is either a flower or a hot spring in Yellowstone. And a normal glory is an optical illusion from the sun at your back and cloud droplets in front of you.

Anonymous said...

In Australia, they are called the Morning Glory Clouds and that is what they will always be called.

Please feel free to call your American flowers and American hot springs whatever you wish - we wouldn't dream of trying to dictate that to you.

Anonymous said...

Now now, let's play nice :)

Anonymous said...

Praise Allah/Buddha/Vishnu/Life/The All/God/Goddess/Creator/Yaweh for the internet. Where we can dig on each other's differences and choose how we see, and choose to respect how other's see.

Roll cloud or Morning Glory?
I choose Morning Glory. Sounds cooler to me.
...and I'm American.
Thanks for the awesome pics!!