Knights of the Realm


from BibliOdyssey:

"Viollet-le-Duc taught art history at L'École des Beaux-Arts and published several renowned works that had considerable impact on the Art Nouveau movement by inspiring Gaudi and Horta, among others. Chief among his writings were 'Dictionnaire Raisonné de L’Architecture' (Dictionary of Architecture), from 1854, and the wider ranging series, from which the above images were taken, 'Dictionnaire Raisonné du Mobilier Français de L'Époque Carlovingienne à la Renaissance' (Dictionary of French Furniture from the Carolingian era to the Renaissance).

The furniture series - which obviously goes far beyond furniture - consisted of 12 volumes and its publication began in 1858. The first six volumes are available online. The first two volumes feature domestic and religious tools and furniture as well as ornamental motifs in building and objets d'art. Volumes II + III are approximately devoted to costumes. The last two books relate to armour and weapons, essentially."