Green To Blue


Not sure if this post works but hey, It's late.

In any case, here is a quick guide to the photographs with some additional links:

1.- A Monsta!
2.- Eye of a Chinese Water Dragon
3.- Glaucilla Marginata in a green bucket (see also The Blue Fleet)
4.- Dragonfly's Eye (Close-up with water droplets)
5.- Methane Gas in frozen lake (Bonus: View from the top of the mountain in the background. Bonus 2: Same lake, bigger flame)
6.- If you still feel like wasting some of your valuable time with odd pursuits like reading this blog, Feed The Head. And the Green to Blue cycle is thus completed and I can go to bed. Good night!

Click on the images to see the original Flickr pictures.

Thanks to On Space for his help in this post.