Alexandros Vasmoulakis

I'm gutted. I went to an exhibition today and totally fell in love with one the prints. It was just above my price range so it took me ages to decide whether to buy or not. Once I did I was told it had been sold out for a while. It totally broke my heart. The artist is Alexandros Vasmoulakis from Greece. The print in question is the very last in this post. Enjoy. This guy is quality.


elliot said...

It's been a while. I'm happy to see this is still a good place. A bit different, though.

I totally understand your choice. There is something tender and naive about that print. It makes you feel good, somehow.

SeƱor Blanco said...


xenmate said...

Hi elliot. Thanks for visiting. You're right, this place has become a bit shit. I've lost the plot a little. I'll try to improve.

Thanks for the feedback!

xenmate said...
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