Music Machines


"Felix’s Machines are a series of extraordinary mechanical instruments put together by the artist and musician Felix Thorn in his South London bedroom. The project, which began in 2006, is continuously evolving.

When connected to a computer, Felix’s Machines translate Thorn’s compositions into mechanical actions performed by customised drums and piano parts and animated by solenoids, springs and motors. In this way, an electronic means of production is transposed into an acoustic output. Each element of the machine has its own light emitting diode (LED). In the darkened space of the gallery,
this creates an arrangement of coloured projections illuminating the sound source and synchronised with the music.

Felix’s Machines developed from the artist’s desire to have his compositions played without a performer. As such Thorn looks to focus the listeners’ experience onto the visual representation of the music’s structure: combining sound, visual motion and flicker into an experience that stimulates and intensifies perception."



bluewyvern said...

Outrageously cool.

Reminds me of Animusic (, only real.

funkforward said...