A Square


Lifted from BLDGBLOG:

"Korean photographer Hosang Park's series A Square consists of bird's-eye views of the small, over-landscaped parks that seem to accompany modern apartment towers all over the world. As Park explains, these "parks" are too small to serve their ostensible purpose: as open space for recreation and places "to make discussions or take a rest." In the UK and US, they are included in new construction projects to fulfill the letter of planning regulations (if not the spirit) – a token band-aid of "nature" applied to high-density development. As Park points out, their presence in Korea is both a reassurance and an investment: the trees, paths, and water features, no matter how artificial, push up property prices by providing an implicit guarantee of "the environmental benefits of a place where they belong." "


Cuidado said...

I thought we'd lost you, without even a goodbye. Glad to be lat back in .

xenmate said...

call it a mid-life crisis

I'm over it though


Cuidado said...

I'm always in a mid-life crisis but you're young aren't you?