Anyone there?

How the hell do I make images show up bigger in this thing?


aberron said...

I use a little trick. Upload the pictures at flickr, take the code of the image at the size you want and upload it at blogger with the url.

xenmate said...

That's not a bad idea.

Gammagoblin said...

Do you mean while creating a blogger post? Hover over the image after uploading and embedding it and you'll see a blue bar appear with size and layout options.


alter the image url in the blogger post directly.


The /s1600/ is the part you change. There are preset sizes using the s prefix on the number, such as s400, s640, s800... The largest is s2000 but it will only "downsize" to 2000pixels wide, it wont upscale if the original image was smaller.

You can also substitute in w instead of s, which will dynamically serve an image at whatever width you please.

It's important that you remove or alter the width and height attributes of the img tag if you do it in this manual way.

xenmate said...

so wait, if I set all images to a certain width it will automatically scale the height too?

Gammagoblin said...

Yep. A problem will only arise is if you leave in the old width="" and height="" attributes in the original img tag. Strip them out if you manually resize the image using it's url.

If you aren't worried about getting exact (to the pixel) sizes, the easiest thing is to let Blogger resize them with it's "small, medium, large, x-large, original" option.

I think you have the hang of it now anyway :)

xenmate said...

I'm using aberron's suggestion, but it's not quite perfect as flickr uses pre-determined sizes which aren't the one I was after.

I can't really see anything when I hover over images after embedding them :(

will try the changing the url meself option see how that goes

christ, I leave for a year and blogger's gone mad :)