Rainbow Fountains


I was bored the other day so I went on flickr, typed "rainbow" and "fountain" into the search thing, pressed enter, and proceeded to sieve through roughly 7 thousand pictures of fountains with rainbows.

At the end I made a little selection of my favourites here.

And invited them and the best of the rest to this little group.

This is possibly the gayest thing I have ever done.

P.S.: a few other galleries I made in the past are gathering dust in the internet purgatory here.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
Just found your blog and i'm so in love! amazing work you have done i easily spent nearly 5 hours on it :3
Keep the good work and happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe i actually read it all :O haha from very first post passing for the cow of the week, post secret section, random art/pictures/beauty thingies, amazing music to the japanese stuff such as dorodago! (my favourite by far! :P) haha yeah i have no life, but seriously amazing blog you got there! keep up the good work, you just got a fan ^w^