Tilt-Shift Photography


Cool models, right?

WRONG! These are real photographs by Olivo Barbieri. Link.

These next pictures are from Flickr:

From top to bottom: pictures by big daddy hame (first two) and digital josh.

Link for some more tilt-shift photography on Flickr


More examples here.

And here (with nifty explanation of the lens used).

And here, and here and here, and here, and here, and... well, you get the picture.



You can find the definitive Tilt-Shift photography links page here.

Or make your own Tilt-Shift photography for free using photoshop like this one or this one.


Anonymous said...

Me encontrado con un tit-shift que te va a molar. Seguro.

Anonymous said...


ahi me has pillao...

Anonymous said...

me la encontré buscando el significado de tilt-shift. Es un poco ordinaria, pero no está del todo mal y me hizo gracia. Pensé que te vendría bien reírte un poco. O sorprenderte. ;)