Namibia Sand Houses


Nice write-up at Fogonazos:

"Kolmanskop is a ghost town in southern Namibia, a few kilometers inland from the port of Lüderitz. In 1908, Luederitz was plunged into diamond fever and people rushed into the Namib desert hoping to make an easy fortune. Within two years, a town, complete with a casino, school, hospital and exclusive residential buildings, was established in the barren sandy desert. But shortly after the drop in diamond sales after the First World War, the beginning of the end started. During the 1950's the town was deserted and the dunes began to reclaim what was always theirs. Soon the metal screens collapsed and the pretty gardens and tidy streets were buried under the sand. Doors and windows creaked on their hinges, cracked window panes stared sightlessly across the desert. A new ghost town had been born."

Photography by Richard Ehrlich.

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Unknown said...

no me canso de mirar estas fotos...
son fascinantes

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Sheesh James -- you've just provided the design work for Museum of Dust... this is incredibly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

incredible photography and an intriguing story!

Mie1 said...

Have seldom seen Kolmankop shots look so brilliant.

Good one

Windhoek, Namibia