The Border Film Project


This project looks very interesting:

"We distributed over 400 disposable cameras to undocumented migrants crossing through the desert into the U.S. to document their journey. We also gave cameras to members of the Minutemen Militia sitting in the Arizona desert waiting to catch them. Their cameras are currently being sent back to us in prepaid, self-addressed envelopes. We've posted a few of the photos already in the 'returned photos' link on the website. Both sets of photos will be developed, juried by a panel of politicians, community leaders, and artists, and shown at major art galleries across the country."

Maybe they should have handed them a pair of these too:

This pair of sneakers was custom designed by artist-activist Judi Werthein especially for migrant workers crossing the border between Mexico and the U.S. She distributes the sneakers for free at border towns, and uses the procedes from sales to non-workers to help support the migrants in their efforts to establish themselves in this country. The symbol of the Mexican eagle is sewn onto the side of each shoe and the American eagle engraved on the quarter dollar is sewn onto the toe. The shoe's insole is printed with a map of the border region, and a compass and mini-flashlight allow the wearer to navigate the terrain night and day. A small pocket in the front of the shoe contains a phone number for the migrant to call upon arrival in the US. This number directs him or her to a place where $250 - the retail price of the sneakers - has been set aside and can be picked up. Every pair of these self-conscious and consciousness-raising multiples is embroidered with a full disclosure of their manufacturing conditions: "this product was manufactured in China under a minimum wage of $42 US a month working 12 hour days."